Time for a change ….

The most recent judgment for two Detroit cops dismissed by DetroitDetroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick just goes to prove that it is time for the city of Detroit to look for new leadership.

For a city already facing serious financial, social, and educational choices one thing the citizens don’t need in my opinion is to foot the bill for a self centered politician.

Last month the mayor announced that there would be a $230 million deficit, the elimination of 900 public employee jobs, and demanded city workers take a 10 percent pay cut and other reduced benefits.

The mayor said 24-hour bus service would be ended, city-owned vehicles sold, and plans developed to privatize the city’s public lighting department.

Saying his predecessors had failed to “make tough decisions” and citing the supposedly bloated city payroll, Kilpatrick said the financial predicament was so dire it “requires sacrifice and solutions from everyone.”

Behind the scenes however, there wasn’t any belt-tightening going on in the mayor’s office. Several weeks before the budget-cutting announcements the city used taxpayers’ money to lease a $57,000 luxury sport utility vehicle, complete with a moon roof, leather interior and heated seats, for the mayor’s wife and three small sons. In order to circumvent public oversight city officials paid $24,995 a year for the Lincoln Navigator, five dollars below the amount that would require approval by the City Council.

Come on Detroit … wake up …. the experiment with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has failed. It is time to move on.


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