Violence amongst young Blacks out of control and sky rocketing!

We have reached epidemic proportions of youth violence. Locally in Kalamazoo we have had three shootings so far this year. Two have been fatal.

Nationally, youths assault each other at an alarming rate. Most recently a gang assault upon a 13 year old white youth that was caught on tape and shown on Fox News.

Police also took into custody an 18 year old Black man wanted in connection with the shootings on the Delaware State Campus in Dover. Loyer D. Braden, arrested about 3 a.m. in his dorm room after a week long investigation and search for the shooting suspect.

The shooting followed an altercation between Braden and one of the victims that took place earlier.

What is the source of the anger and frustration that moves our young people to such extremes? Why is the first choice to settle differences a gun? Why have egos become so fragile that the only way to maintain self respect is through the disrespect of another person’s life?

I was on the bus the other day just after a shooting involving some young men here locally. Fortunately no one was killed but what really confused me was the comments of one of the victims who was just released from the hospital. He had been shot in the leg and gave the impression that his wound was a badge of honor. He stated that he had been shot by his “friend”, one of the shooters who had used him as a shield.

What kind of friend is that?


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