“Boyce Watkins is one of the greatest minds of our time”? …

“Boyce Watkins is one of the greatest minds of our time”, is a quote from Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill that appears on Boyce Watkins’ website. “The people’s scholar”. So I went there to research Watkins after seeing his tirade on CNN and his fault finding with conservative people of color and his disrespectful and demeaning treatment of anyone that doesn’t quite measure up to his fast slick style of conversation.

Michael Massey found this out first hand during what was an overtly one sided verbal attack on Massey for daring to give a view that was not in step with Watkins own.

Watching Watkins there was an obvious fear and hostility displayed as he fought to control Massey’s answers to the questions that had been posted to both men concerning comments by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly had paid a visit to an African American restaurant in Harlem with Rev. Al Sharpton, and made comments on his observations to Fox News’ Juan Williams during an interview with Williams.

Though I am not going to debate the context of O’Reilly’s comments in this post, I will take issue with Boyce Watkins and his illusions of grandeur and being a legend in his own mind.

With all of the stereotypes that he accused O’Reilly of watching Boyce Watkins’ exchange with a fellow African American on CNN would make it easy for anyone viewing the telecast to grasp false stereotypes of blacks from his rude and obnoxious behavior.

Rev. Al Sharpton who is scheduled to appear on O’Reilly’s television program Wednesday night, said he has had dinner with the voluble host twice. He told CNN that O’Reilly “said nothing at dinner that time or the time before that was offensive to me.”

“I don’t know the whole context of it,” said Sharpton. “What I’ve read was certainly not complimentary. And I think that if I said that, anything halfway like that about other races, people would not take it as complimentary and they’d jump all over me. Probably some of his colleagues at Fox.”

“But at the same time, I’ve been quoted out of context,” he continued. “That’s why I want to ask him (O’Reilly) what was the context.”

Sharpton said he was already scheduled to appear on O’Reilly’s program to discuss the “Jena 6,” the black Louisiana teens charged with beating a white classmate amid racial tensions in the small Louisiana town.

Sharpton, “I happen to think the future of the criminal justice system is a little more important than me and Bill O’Reilly having dinner in Harlem”.

My opinion, perhaps Mr. Watkins needs to find his mind before taking credit for having one of the greatest of our time.


One thought on ““Boyce Watkins is one of the greatest minds of our time”? …

  1. The latest article from Dr. Watkins. Perhaps this might add some feedback on Dr. Watkins comments. I work for him directly.

    Mathew Couch
    Director – http://www.YourBlackWorld.com

    Loving Yourself is What Matters for Black America – Not Validation from Others – by Dr. Boyce Watkins

    I was on CNN a couple of times right after Bill O’Reilly from Fox News made his latest set of ridiculous comments. I am used to O’Reilly saying dumb things, since that is what dumb people do. I never would have guessed that my most interesting thought this morning would not be about O’Reilly, but rather, about Black Conservative Republicans in general.

    I don’t hate all black conservatives. I disagree a great deal with Bill Cosby, but I feel that he actually gives a damn about black people. But I can’t help but notice the large percentage of black conservatives who sometimes eloquently, yet pathetically, hold on to the long tradition of being chitlin-eating house slaves, doing nothing but serving as validation for white racism in America.

    The easiest way for people like Bill O’Reilly to feel comfortable in their racism is to get some silly black conservative to come on the show and chorus the words “Yaz-sir boss” after every stupid thing he says. To see the image, just picture Flavor Flav if he had gone to college. Replace the gold grill with a bow tie or something, you get the point.

    I have been placed up against a few members of the “Yes Boss Posse” over the years, and it’s always interesting. I swear, it seems that a white man could ask for anti-lynching laws to be repealed, and they could always find some ridiculous Negro to say “Well, our society is color-blind, do you need anti-lynching laws anyway?” Having the resident House Negro consistently validating conservative racism is no different from Hugh Hefner hiring a stripper to tell him that he’s not a sexist. She will say anything he wants, as long as he leaves money on the dresser.

    I met up with one conservative recently on CNN and I was really really mean to him. I am normally a nice guy, very polite and quiet. But not this time….I was a MONSTER. From minute one, I bombed on this brother like Pearl Harbor. I felt bad for this man, since having a professor (with enough education to make him look like a first grader) just railing on you on national TV is probably quite intimidating. I could tell he was frustrated and perhaps even nervous. I actually felt sorry for him, like a confused puppy asked to chase a ball that has been put in the owner’s pocket.

    But tonight, he had a few things working against him. First, I was in a bad mood. It was raining and I was sleepy. My “House Negro Tolerance-ometer” was on overload. Secondly, I’d seen this brother on other shows, and I knew that I would be older than Bob Dole by the time he finished his first sentence. When a segment is 5 minutes long, you don’t need someone taking 3 minutes to make their first comment. Finally, I get sick and damn tired of these “manufactured negroes” coming out of the wood work to validate the view points of every racist in America. The ones you see on TV tend to be “Super Conservatives”, who even make my conservative parents want to vomit.

    I was a hurricane with this guy, I have no doubt. That night, I made every baby cry in America and it started to rain even harder after I started yelling at him. This man, along with zillions of others via email, told me that I was “Rude! Rude! Rude!” Some, including this guy, said that I fulfill the stereotype of the angry rude black man, and thus contribute to the “image problem that black people have in America.” Well, perhaps it would be equally rude to say this to any critics: I really don’t give a damn.

    The so-called “image problem” of African-Americans is due primarily to one thing: the media. Not all black people are good, and not all are bad. But the media’s intent to spend most of their time spotlighting those committing crimes or doing bad things paints the images that others see. If you shine a negative light on any culture or person, you are going to see the worst. What if the image that the world got of white people consisted of episodes of Jerry Springer? What if I showed a video highlighting the worst things you’ve done in your life? Would you end up looking good?

    Secondly, any black man sitting around waiting for the world to validate him and tell him that he is a “good person” and has a “good culture” would be better off waiting for Paris Hilton to finish med school. Perhaps they feel that “if we black folks izz on our best behavior, people might actually start to like us!” Remember: we live in a society that was built on RACISM. A nation-wide “Negro Good Behavior Protocol” is not going to work, since the media can always choose to spotlight bad behavior most, which it does. They can’t help it, because racism is a social and psychological DISEASE and most of us are infected. The key is not earning respect and love from others….it’s about having love and respect for yourself. In the end, a stronger and more self-loving black community can make the greatest contribution to American society.

    Once I learned to love myself, I rarely cared what others thought of me. That is when I became truly free.

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