Michigan held hostage by state government …

Michigan’s government has come to a grinding stop due to a lack of concern and cooperation between it’s governor and legislative branch to come to an agreement on an operating budget.

State services will be effected as notices went out Friday for employees to stay home until a new budget can be approved and put in place.

Currently it seems that the only employees expected to report to work are prison employees though it is not clear how their pay is to be met.

This budget crisis was nothing new to the governor and our state representatives. That aside be it partisan politics or just plain apathy nothing was done within the required time to avoid the current mess.

Who is to blame this time? The Republicans or the Democrats? Maybe it is us the voters! After all when we voted for our officials we usually have the choice of voting for what is at best the lesser of two evils.

What is without question is that this time evil prevails ….


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