Thomas & Knicks lose to “full court press”…

Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden (the parent company for the New York Knicks basketball team) lost the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by plaintive Anucha Browne Sanders.

Brown Sanders claimed she was fired from her $250,000 a year job when she complained of verbal abuse and sexual harassment from Thomas and the Knick organization.

The 11 million dollar verdict was arrived at after two days of deliberation.

Browne Sanders is a married mother of three and a former college basketball star at Northwestern University. She testified that Thomas initially called her a “B” and a “ho,” then made unwanted advances toward her and encouraged her to visit him “off the work site.”

Thomas denied all her allegations. His attorneys portrayed Browne Sanders as incompetent which is what led to her firing.

Thomas in his testimony did however acknowledge trying to kiss Mrs. Browne Sanders in December 2005. She claimed he asked her at that time, “No love today?”

MSG and Thomas will appeal the verdict.


One thought on “Thomas & Knicks lose to “full court press”…

  1. I can’t believe he had the audacity to call her a “B” and an “H”. What’s worse is that he’s rumored to have called her an “N”, a “C”, a “D”, an “S”, two “P”s and a “T”.

    Also, he’d like to buy some vowels… an “E”, an “A” and a “U”.

    After all this embarrassment, at least we know that the Knicks have another season of championship-caliber basketball ahead of them. Yes, I predict the inevitable championship victory (won in a four-game sweep over the Spurs) will ease the pain of Knicks fans everywhere.


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