Marion Jones: We’ve been there already …

When I heard former Olympic track star Marion Jones  give her statement following her guilty plea in federal court I could not help but feel that we have already been there with Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick. Actually much of what was said was also echoed by Vick.

While I am sure her tearful rendition was praised in some liberal and spiritual circles it only moved me to wonder would she have come clean if authorities had not had the money laundering and check charges to negotiate with. This for me only says that she still might be in denial if she had not been caught up on those charges.

I do not recall her giving apologies to her Olympic competition that trailed her to the finish line and the awards podium where her gold and bronze medals made her an instant millionaire and world celebrity at their expense.

The money and prestige that Jones claimed and sought to hold on to for years is now all gone. She has been shamed before us all and for what? A lack of confidence in her own God given talent and a reliance upon doping.

It is sad that she did not realize the down side before things got to this point. She has taken from those athletes that competed against her years of work and recognition that they will never recover or benefit from. Additionally, she has helped to give sports a bigger black eye than it already had, and she has left her kids with an unenviable legacy.

Fifteen seconds of fame …. a lifetime of shame? That has become her reality.


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