Obama … the honeymoon is over.

One year into his first term President Barack Obama is flirting strongly with becoming a “one hit wonder” like former President Jimmy Carter. Unpopular fiscal bailouts of AIG and auto makers General Motors and Chrysler are but a few of the decisions which will haunt him as he seeks to add equally unpopular health and national security proposals to the agenda.

It has become painfully clear that the only thing that can get prompt attention in an Obama administration is uncontrolled spending ultimately at the expense of poor and middle class people. Given the way things are going over-all there will be little difference between the two shortly.

Supporters of Obama have constantly blamed former President Bush for everything but that must all end. There has been plenty of time and opportunity for Obama to be judged on his own merits. Judge him we must if this country is to endure.


Going … Going … Gone! Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigns …

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resigned today after dragging the city through months of financial pain suffering. As one watched the feed from the Wayne County Court room that Kilpatrick and his co-defendant, former Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty,  both occupied, you could not help but feel sadness for the two who have laid waste a community, and promising careers for a few moments of physical pleasure.

His agreed to plea deal strips him of his Law License, pension benefits, requires him to pay one million is restitution, forbids political office for 5 years, and, places him in jail for 4 months. Not to mention what it does to his wife and children.

Perhaps none of the above concerned him when he committed the offenses that ended his run as Detroit’s mayor. It is certain that it will occupy his thoughts now.

Does the Caroline Kennedy endorsement for Obama signal the end for Hillary Clinton?

Barack Obama has blazed to a South Carolina victory but along with that he picks up a prized endorsement.


The most note worthy and to me the most important endorsement to date comes on the heels of Dr. King’s birthday observance and the haunting memory of his “I Have a Dream” speech.

President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, has formally endorsed Barack Obama today bringing to bear an even bigger force than Oprah! The memories of the late John and Bobby Kennedy legacy to America.

The fat lady is not singing yet but we are definitely heading into a Super Tuesday primary that is taking on an even more super meaning.

Have we finally arrived at the time Dr. King referred to? The day when we as African Americans will be judged on the content of our character, and not on the color of our skin? God only knows but I sure pray so for us all!

Another one bites the dust? … Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on the ropes!

Just as Olympic star Marion Jones starts to settle into her prison time for perjury charges in her doping case, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick may soon be following!

Media news outlets are reporting that The Detroit News / Free Press has obtained copies of emails sent between the mayor and his Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty, implying that they lied to the court during the “Whistle Blower’s” trial that took place August of 2007.

The outcome of that trial was that the city of Detroit has to pay out millions of dollars as a judgment due to the mayor terminating city employees who brought his questionable behavior to light. Part of that behavior was the alleged affair between Mayor Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty which it now appears both of them lied about under oath.

The Detroit News / Free Press is not disclosing how they got the copies of the emails but have made text from them public. The emails were sent via the City of Detroit server system and Mayor Kilpatrick’s city issued “BlackBerry”.

If the prosecutor presses forward with charges Mayor Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty could face up to 15 years in prison.

For the record former President Bill Clinton lied to a special prosecutor, and the country about his affair yet did no time … I wonder how this one will play out?

For a video checkout this CNN link: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/01/24/detroit.mayor/index.html#cnnSTCVideo

“Boyce Watkins is one of the greatest minds of our time”? …

“Boyce Watkins is one of the greatest minds of our time”, is a quote from Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill that appears on Boyce Watkins’ website. “The people’s scholar”. So I went there to research Watkins after seeing his tirade on CNN and his fault finding with conservative people of color and his disrespectful and demeaning treatment of anyone that doesn’t quite measure up to his fast slick style of conversation.

Michael Massey found this out first hand during what was an overtly one sided verbal attack on Massey for daring to give a view that was not in step with Watkins own.

Watching Watkins there was an obvious fear and hostility displayed as he fought to control Massey’s answers to the questions that had been posted to both men concerning comments by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly had paid a visit to an African American restaurant in Harlem with Rev. Al Sharpton, and made comments on his observations to Fox News’ Juan Williams during an interview with Williams.

Though I am not going to debate the context of O’Reilly’s comments in this post, I will take issue with Boyce Watkins and his illusions of grandeur and being a legend in his own mind.

With all of the stereotypes that he accused O’Reilly of watching Boyce Watkins’ exchange with a fellow African American on CNN would make it easy for anyone viewing the telecast to grasp false stereotypes of blacks from his rude and obnoxious behavior.

Rev. Al Sharpton who is scheduled to appear on O’Reilly’s television program Wednesday night, said he has had dinner with the voluble host twice. He told CNN that O’Reilly “said nothing at dinner that time or the time before that was offensive to me.”

“I don’t know the whole context of it,” said Sharpton. “What I’ve read was certainly not complimentary. And I think that if I said that, anything halfway like that about other races, people would not take it as complimentary and they’d jump all over me. Probably some of his colleagues at Fox.”

“But at the same time, I’ve been quoted out of context,” he continued. “That’s why I want to ask him (O’Reilly) what was the context.”

Sharpton said he was already scheduled to appear on O’Reilly’s program to discuss the “Jena 6,” the black Louisiana teens charged with beating a white classmate amid racial tensions in the small Louisiana town.

Sharpton, “I happen to think the future of the criminal justice system is a little more important than me and Bill O’Reilly having dinner in Harlem”.

My opinion, perhaps Mr. Watkins needs to find his mind before taking credit for having one of the greatest of our time.

NPR … National Public Radio or Nazi Public Radio?

The other morning when I listened to Fox News as I was channel surfing for the day’s events it was disclosed that President Bush had granted an interview to Juan Williams a senior NPR correspondent and Fox News contributor to fall in line with the anniversary of the Little Rock public school desegregation action taken by President Eisenhower back in the 50’s.

No biggie one might say but when it was disclosed that National Public Radio had balked and would not air the interview this left me wondering … what is going on here?

Ellen Weiss, NPR’s vice president for news, said she “felt strongly” that “the White House shouldn’t be selecting the person.” She said NPR told Bush’s press secretary, Dana Perino that “we’re grateful for the opportunity to talk to the president but we wanted to determine who did the interview.” When the White House said the offer could not be transferred to one of NPR’s program hosts, Weiss took a pass.

Let me touch upon why I think NPR was wrong in this situation. First it is not a practice for any news organization to be able to dictate what reporter gets to ask the President a question when they are allowed access to the President during a White House news conference. Questions are fielded from parties present at the discretion and selection of the President. Anyone he does not want to allow to ask a question is passed by and there are no qualms. It is a matter of routine practice and has been for years.

Second, NPR is publicly funded. As a servant of the public trust it behoves NPR to utilize all opportunities to give the public access to the President on issues of interest and concern. An interview with President Bush on race relations in this country does not qualify as a matter of interest with the Jenna 6 and assault on Megan Williams in West Virginia such hot topics?

Last, Juan Williams until now has been a respected journalist. NPR by this action has shown that it does not respect Mr. Williams to be fair and honest in his efforts to deliver news. This in my opinion is nothing but censorship. This goes to the point that I have advocated for a long time, “A free people’s measure of freedom is dictated not only by their ability to read but by what they can read. ”

I recall from my history education that in Nazi Germany one of the first rights to disappear was the right to have access to written material especially material that was in opposition to those in control.

We are living in dangerous times. It is now more important than ever to at least be able to hear our elected leaders respond to questions about issues of our time. NPR has coverage on Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia. If you can defend your coverage of that as an effort to provide news that is of interest to the public then why are African American journalists denied publication of interviews with the President?

Maybe it’s a “Black” thing?

Jackson and Obama reportedly not in sync over Jena 6 …

Rev. Jesse Jackson on Wednesday softened his criticism of Barack Obama, whom he reportedly criticized earlier in the week for “acting like he’s white” on the Jena 6 race case in Louisiana.

The State newspaper in South Carolina quoted Jesse Jackson as saying that Obama was “acting like he’s white” by not being more bold in his response to the case of the Jena 6.

Jackson says that he doesn’t contest the newspaper account but doesn’t recall saying the phrase. He said the phrase doesn’t reflect his opinion.

“That is not my conviction,” Jackson said. “But I will say the Democrats should act with more courage on this. It is one of the defining moments of our time.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson who in March came out in support of Barack Obama’s presidential run has not backed away from supporting Obama even with this recent controversy.