Beyoncé … a matter of money or values?

Beyoncé first cited artistic reasons for canceling an earlier concert appearance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2007. A Muslim country that has a female dress code. Now she must answer critics who want to know if she could not follow a modest dress code how is it she could give a private performance for Muslim leader Hannibal Gaddafi whose father has supported terrorism and who personally has a reputation for disrespect towards women and servants. One might also ask how her husband Jay-Z could go along with the performance given the reputation of Hannibal Gaddafi for a reported 2 million dollars.

It goes without saying that Beyoncé is talented and beautiful but somewhere the ball was dropped from a PR point of view.

I am sure it was very flattering to be asked by a foreign leader to do a private performance and even more flattering to have your fee met. We are living in tight times … but did she really need the money? Did she really need to have her ego stroked?

Her husband Jay-Z is reputed to be a business guru but the fallout publicly leaves one to question the wisdom he offered his wife in this matter.

I think if Beyoncé or Jay-Z had personally lost a loved one to the Pan Am Lockerbie jet bombing, the 911 attack of 2001, or common US domestic violence they would hold a different attitude.

On December 21, 1988 I was flying home on a domestic flight with loved ones wondering about my status after the news broke about flight 103.

Having an in-law who lost a beloved female relative in 2001 in the towers on 911, and having had several female relatives and friends who have survived domestic violence there is not enough money in the Gaddafi bank account to buy good will here.

A personal note to Beyoncé and Jay-Z … not your best judgment here!


Thomas & Knicks lose to “full court press”…

Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden (the parent company for the New York Knicks basketball team) lost the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by plaintive Anucha Browne Sanders.

Brown Sanders claimed she was fired from her $250,000 a year job when she complained of verbal abuse and sexual harassment from Thomas and the Knick organization.

The 11 million dollar verdict was arrived at after two days of deliberation.

Browne Sanders is a married mother of three and a former college basketball star at Northwestern University. She testified that Thomas initially called her a “B” and a “ho,” then made unwanted advances toward her and encouraged her to visit him “off the work site.”

Thomas denied all her allegations. His attorneys portrayed Browne Sanders as incompetent which is what led to her firing.

Thomas in his testimony did however acknowledge trying to kiss Mrs. Browne Sanders in December 2005. She claimed he asked her at that time, “No love today?”

MSG and Thomas will appeal the verdict.

Beyonce drops plan for Malaysia concert like it’s hot!

Beyonce Knowles better known as “Beyonce” has dropped her first ever planned appearence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia siting a scheduling conflict.

However, sources say that Ms. Knowles was reluctant to fulfill the Malaysian government’s demand for female performers to cover up from the top of their chests to their knees, including their shoulders. Over 50% of Malaysia is Muslim.

Beyonce known for her revealing stage costumes will take her act to neighboring Indonesia where the dress code is less restrictive.

As the controversy subsides … What does it say for Earl Graves to boot Eddie Griffin from stage for using the “N” word?

If you have not already heard commedian Eddie Griffin was was booted off stage at the Black Enterprise 14th annual Golf and Tennis Challenge in Miami over the Labor Day weekend for using the N-word on stage.

According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who also spoke the next day at the event, “Griffin had said, ‘Why are some Black leaders telling us to stop using the ‘N’-word?’” That is when the entertainer’s microphone went dead. Reportedly, Griffin yelled “F—k ya’ll … I don’t need no mic” and finished the joke before departing the stage.

Shortly afterward, Black Enterprise Magazine Founder Earl Graves “stomped on stage and proclaimed, ‘We . . . will not allow our culture to go backwards . . . We will pay Mr. Griffin all that we owe him, but we will not allow him to finish the show if that’s the way he’s going to talk,’” Sharpton said, “The crowd gave Graves a standing ovation.”

What are your thoughts? Did the publisher of Black Enterprise do the right thing by ending Griffin’s performance?

MSB (Michigan Sentinel Blog) supports Earl Graves’ actions. The African American community has allowed ourselves to be held hostage to the negative side of “fashion and bling” far too long. Thanks Earl for having the courage and dignity to do the right thing.