The New Year (2008) the beginning of change?

2008 is sure to be a year of change. We will elect a new President and from my point of view the candidates that are worthy of consideration are small and few.

On the Democratic side Obama and Edwards are the two that have a chance along with Clinton if that is your preference. Personally, I like Biden due to his experience and down to earth honesty …. but he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell if you know what I mean ….

On the Republican side I say don’t count Huckabee out. At least he is not only a fresh face but is human enough to make mistakes and own them. Something King George was reluctant to do while in office.

It can only get better before November!


‘Dog’ Chapman in the ‘dog house’ for the ‘N’ word …

Duane Chapman, of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” fame has found himself in a real dog house after repeatedly using a racial slur during a private phone conversation with his son that was recorded and posted on-line Wednesday by the National Enquirer.

In the conversation, Chapman urges his son to break up with his girlfriend who is black. He also expresses concern about the girlfriend going public about the TV star’s use of the N-word.

In the clip, Chapman also claims that he doesn’t care that his son’s girlfriend is black.

Chapman has issued a statement apologizing for the comments.

A&E the cable channel that carries Chapman’s show has halted production of the reality show for now.

Black Christian Pastor embracing Scientology in his messages …

In Tampa, Florida Rev. Charles Kennedy of the Glorious Church of God in Christ, a Pentecostal church has began to incorporate certain Church of Scientology teachings in his messages.

Claiming not to be scared off by the messages that Scientology offers. He feels that using certain aspects as tools to augment his Christian based message is appropriate.

Apparently, there are other pastors around the country whose congregations are also being fed a combination of Christianity and Scientology.

For those unfamiliar with The Church of Scientology it was  founded in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer. It’s followers are taught that they are immortal spiritual beings called thetans. Although the church says there is a supreme being, its practices do not include worshipping God.

The Church of Scientology has long been criticized for practices some say are cult-like mind control. The church is also known for some high profile celebrity followers.

Rick Ross, critic and a court-certified Scientology expert warns that mainstream acceptance makes it easier for the Scientologists to achieve their ultimate goal … new recruits.

A matter of rights? …

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon rule on whether or not to follow a World Court ruling to strike down the sentencing of a Texas court in the death penalty judgment against Jose Medellin and 50 other Mexican National prisoners being held in U.S. penal institutions on similar charges giving them new trials.

The Mexican government sued the United States in the World Court siting that Jose Medellin and others were not allowed a phone call to Mexican officials after his arrest on the murder charges thus violating their rights to proper counsel.

Jose Medellin an illegal immigrant was 18 when he confessed and was found guilty of capitol murder. He was then sentenced to death for his participation in the gang rape and murder of two teenage girls that took place in Houston, Texas on June 24, 1993.

Elizabeth Pena 16 and Jennifer Ertman 14 were brutally raped and murdered as part of a gang initiation. Six other gang members including Medellin’s younger brother Venancio Medellin were eventually found guilty and sentenced as part of this horrific crime.

Venancio Medellin 14 at the time escaped the death sentence due to his age but is serving a 40 year sentence for his part in the crime. The other participants that were 17 years of age all had their death sentences stayed due to their age.

One of those found guilty that didn’t was Sean Derrick O’Brien an African American who was 18 when the crime took place. He was sentenced to death and the judgment was carried out on July 11, 2006.

During an interview on “The Factor” with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, former Mexican President Vincente Fox laughed out loud at the idea of immigration control or building a fence.

He told O’Reilly that, “the U.S. needed to go back to the way it once was …” What he was referring to was not clear to this writer.

The African American community has long been a leader when it comes to fighting for civil rights. It is appalling to me however that this year alone there has been at least four deaths that can be traced to illegal Mexican immigrants perpetrated against African Americans. The three college students in New Jersey and a Florida law enforcement officer. Who calls for justice and rights for their families?

What should be made clear to those who come here illegally is that you have already broken the law and if you break any others you suffer the consequences. There should be no special treatment for illegals who break our laws now or ever.

Marion Jones: We’ve been there already …

When I heard former Olympic track star Marion Jones  give her statement following her guilty plea in federal court I could not help but feel that we have already been there with Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick. Actually much of what was said was also echoed by Vick.

While I am sure her tearful rendition was praised in some liberal and spiritual circles it only moved me to wonder would she have come clean if authorities had not had the money laundering and check charges to negotiate with. This for me only says that she still might be in denial if she had not been caught up on those charges.

I do not recall her giving apologies to her Olympic competition that trailed her to the finish line and the awards podium where her gold and bronze medals made her an instant millionaire and world celebrity at their expense.

The money and prestige that Jones claimed and sought to hold on to for years is now all gone. She has been shamed before us all and for what? A lack of confidence in her own God given talent and a reliance upon doping.

It is sad that she did not realize the down side before things got to this point. She has taken from those athletes that competed against her years of work and recognition that they will never recover or benefit from. Additionally, she has helped to give sports a bigger black eye than it already had, and she has left her kids with an unenviable legacy.

Fifteen seconds of fame …. a lifetime of shame? That has become her reality.

Florida prosecutor busted in sting found dead in cell …

John David Roy Atchison 53, who was in custody and occupied a single cell at a special detention facility outside of Detroit was found dead in his cell today.

Atchison a Florida prosecutor from Gulf Breeze, Florida was busted in a child molestation sting run by Michigan authorities this past September. He had traveled to Michigan for a meeting with whom he ultimately believed would be a 5 year old girl for the purpose of having sex.

His death is under investigation.

Phylicia Moore’s Death:Months go by and still no answers …

In case you haven’t heard … Phylicia Moore was an 18 year old high school honor student that went to Ghana, Africa with members of her class to do some humanitarian work and was found dead in the hotel pool April 15, 2007.

As I listened to Phylicia’s mother today (almost 6 months after this tragedy) it was disturbing to me how the mainstream media had swept this story under the rug.

The FBI is involved in the investigation and that is good but all media outlets that play to a readership of color need to keep this story in the eyes of our website visitors.

Her parents and family need justice and closure.